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For centuries, the American narrative has been rewritten to conceal the unthinkable crimes against humanity on which this country was founded. These historical violations and the continued systemic oppression of indigenous communities not only go unacknowledged, they are often denied by those in positions of power. 

Native Americans were violently removed from 99% of their homeland and forced into so–called “reservations” where they have been subjected to some of the worst poverty and unthinkable living conditions in the country. These reservations have epidemic rates of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, human trafficking and suicide. 

The Lakota, also known as the Teton Sioux, are one of the seven Sioux tribes of the Great Plains and one of 563 Federally recognized tribes in America. Once a nomadic tribe living in tipis, they were forced onto the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in the late 19th century. The majority of people now live in small trailers that house upwards of 18 family members, many without electricity or running water.



The intention of this film is to protect and elevate the voices of native women, too many of whom have been silenced, ignored, abused and forgotten. Increasing the visibility of their powerful journeys through loss, survival, and resilience is an essential part of informing the dialogue regarding feminism, #metoo, Black Lives Matter and every movement that aims to heal wounds and complex forces that perpetuate inequality. 

These mistreated individuals and communities serve as a mirror for how we as humans have been conditioned to treat one another, ourselves and our environment. Mother Earth is in jeopardy on all fronts, and the First Nations are the keepers of the ancient wisdom and holistic understanding of the land. We are more in need of their knowledge, traditions and healing than ever before. As they say in Lakota, Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ, “We are all related.”


A matriarchal society upended by centuries of genocide and colonialism has disenfranchised the Lakota women and simultaneously reinforced their roles as the backbones of their communities and the keepers of their people's ancient wisdom. These are the powerfully rich stories of the brave women and children living in one of the poorest places in the United States. 

With exclusive access to these women’s lives over a period of two months, we recorded their stories as they re-lived their most traumatic experiences and let us into their daily life experiences. Along this journey, we learnt how it all came to be and heard their hopes for a brighter future. The results are honest, heart-breaking, beautiful and indispensably pertinent to understanding the world in which we live in today.

featured stories

10 years old -  born to a mother struggling with alcoholism and methamphetamine addiction. She is now being raised by her father’s partner Vandee - 36 years old - herself a survivor of drug abuse and teen sex-trafficking, who has dedicated her life to other Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (#MMIWG).

21 years old - survivor of rape and abuse. She is studying Tribal Law and guiding the youth in their Native ways as a competitive dancer and horse racer.


32 years old -  artist, activist, poet, and teacher fighting everyday to help her students remember the Lakota ways in a world that wants them to forget.


46 years old - runs a safe house for young kids struggling with methamphetamine addiction in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on the reservation.


60 years old - lost her daughter in a suicide that was never investigated. She is revered by many for her sacred role as a preparer of traditional foods for ceremony.

67 years old - shows younger generations of women the sacred Lakota ceremonies and reminds the Lakota people of their traditional tribal ways in their own language on her weekly radio show.

UNCI (Grandmother) MARIE
97 years old - an elder whose life of activism and unwavering hope has stood in the face of a century of oppression to carry the torch for indigenous rights and value.


The Elders are the wisdom keepers. We must pay attention to these women as their voices are going unheard much to the detriment of their lives and their loved ones.

Murdered, sex trafficked and missing Indigenous women are being swept under the rug at an alarming rate which should not be happening in this current day and age.

Many non-indigenous people still hold onto the understanding that Native American lives hold no value and therefore are the most in danger of being sex trafficked.



DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER – DEBORAH ANDERSON's photographic work has graced the covers of pop music albums and magazines, the walls of landmark hotels and private homes worldwide with an expansive clientele. Her photographic work has hung in galleries both in Europe and the US and currently the world class Leica Galleries are hosting shows globally for this project. Deborah’s first feature documentary film project "AROUSED" included a fine art photographic book featuring 16 world renowned female adult film stars. The film was theatrically released reaching #3 on iTunes documentary most viewed list and is currently featured on Showtime and Amazon. She has created short films for various artists including award winning writer and activist Eve Ensler for her One Billion Rising organization " MY REVOLUTION" featuring actress Rosario Dawson. Poet, Gina Loring, collaborated on the short film "WALKING PRAYERS" that went viral and was featured in the New York Times.


PRODUCER – ADAM SCHOMER is a documentary film/tv director and producer and president of i2i Productions. His award winning film THE HIGHEST PASS (2012) was theatrically released and took a deep look at fear and death amidst an epic Himalayan motorcycle adventure. THE POLYGON (2014) explored the villages most affected by forty years of Soviet nuclear testing. ONE LITTLE PILL (2015) reveals a new method to treat alcoholism that has been held back for too long. He returned to the Himalayas to produce and direct THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2018), a 10-episode docu-series for television currently in post production, takes us on an motorcycle yogic adventure. Recently, Adam Schomer produced and released the feature documentary HEAL (2017) that looks at the science and journey behind changing one’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions and perceptions in order to cure disease. HEAL was theatrically released and is a #1 Best-Selling Documentary on iTunes.


PRODUCER/CINEMATOGRAPHER – KUMIKO HAYASHI was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a documentary director, producer, and cinematographer. She is the founder of Soka Vision, an organization dedicated to creating value and community through media. She is the director/ producer of the film, THE ROOTS AWAKEN (2019) a documentary about indigenous tribes in Ecuador rising up in a united prayer to protect their culture and territory. AMANECER (2014) a feature-length film about the birth of the indigenous Hip Hop movement in South America. As a visionary, her involvement in vast humanitarian projects has carried her across the countries of Haiti, Turkey, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. She has presented her work in conferences and gatherings around the world and she is currently establishing a center for peace education in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest for the protection of ancestral cultures and medicine.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – LEKHA SINGH, a successful artist in her own right, has traveled the globe creating art that expresses the commonality of human experience by finding startling and impossible beauty in poor, little known places of destitution and desolation. She produced, co-directed BEYOND RIGHT AND WRONG, Stories of Justice and Forgiveness. winning many awards amongst which, Best Avant Garde Film by American Psychological Association, Best Documentary Film at Fingal Film Festival and runner-up for Best Documentary at LA Jewish Film Festival. 2012. As executive Producer, THE SQUARE was Oscar nominated and also won several Emmy Awards, and received the Directors Guild of America. 2013. She was Executive Producer on, FOOD CHAINS which won many awards including the James Beard Award for Specials and the Brit Doc Impact Award in 2014.



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Film Release


Initial filming took place in February/March in Pine Ridge, South Dakota and Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

The team returned for further shooting in July/August which completes the filming portion of the creation of this project.

All prep for post is complete and full post production (editing) has begun.

Tentative date for completed film delivery is December 2018, with release distribution set for 2019.